The team of environmental law specialized attorneys of D&B David si Baias, supported by PwC Romania environmental team, can provide integrated consultancy services on environmental protection matters, covering legal, technical and tax aspects. D&B acknowledges the importance of environmental protection for the economic development, constantly seeking to find practical and innovative solutions to complex problems that arise from the laws and policies governing environmental protection.

Our law firm provides legal advice on various environmental law matters, such as:

  • legal advice on how to organize and conduct the company’s business in order to assess the level of compliance of the company with the requirements of environmental legislation and specific standards;
  • legal assistance in conducting due diligence reports, with a focus on the analysis of the environmental issues for various transactions (mergers, acquisitions, etc.);
  • legal assistance in the relation with public environmental authorities and institutions, as well as on the accomplishment of various procedures provided by the law;
  • drafting and reviewing of contractual terms related to the split of the environmental obligations;
  • reviewing the company’s permits and endorsements in terms of the specific provisions of environmental law;
  • legal advice on the interpretation and application of various procedures regarding environmental law matters;
  • assistance and representation in administrative litigations regarding various environmental matters.


Sorin David, Managing Partner