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Common values generate trust.
Trust generates durable and successful links.

Welcome to the D&B David si Baias world,
a successful lawyer-client partnership
based on trust and common values.

Welcome to D&B David şi Baias

D&B David and Baias, law firm connected to PwC in Romania, provides you with integrated, innovative and pragmatic solutions, by providing assistance, representation and legal advice in the following areas: corporate law, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; competition and state aid; tax and commercial litigation; intellectual property; consumer protection and data privacy; real estate; employment; public procurement; financial services, insurance and capital markets; environmental law.
D&B David and Baias also specialises in pharma, energy, oil and gas, IT & telecom, providing specific solutions for companies in these industries.

The D&B David and Baias team of lawyers has a long working relationship with PwC, the largest international network of audit, tax and business consultancy, as well as with the law firms corresponding to PwC, so that we can provide each client, be it multinational or local, multidisciplinary solutions adapted to its needs.

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The D&B David si Baias Team

The D&B David si Baias Team


Managing the “links” between our people, shapes the appropriate team for the right client. We like to believe that he have sufficient experience in effective links between professionals, because our clients thank us each time personally, and this has not happened only once. At D&B David and Baias, the clients are part of out team and benefit from the same respect as all our partners.

The D&B David si Baias Team

Practice Areas

Are you founding or closing a business, do you want information about the organisation of a company or a group of companies or about the forming of a partnership? For all these and more, D&B David and Baias provides you with a package of multidisciplinary solutions adaptive to the dimensions and business profile of each client. Our collaboration with tax and financial restructuring teams from PwC (also placed at the top of the consultancy market in this field), allows us to offer integrated services, complex analysis and support for good project management. Find out more »
Are you thinking of buying a business or a company? Or do you plan to sell your business? The lawyers from D&B David Baias have experience in structuring and negotiating complex transactions, as well as in conducting legal analysis for the benefit of the buyer or seller for identifying potential risks. We offer services integrated with the financial advisory and tax departments of PwC. Find out more »
Competition law is a poorly understood domain when it comes to market transformation. Our clients can benefit from specialist consultancy on Romanian legislation in the light of recent theoretical and jurisprudential international developments, dedicated assistance, training for the management staff and a full service package meant to protect the company’s development and our partners’ business. Find out more »
We stand by our clients in order to establish the most appropriate and effective strategy, given their objectives. D&B lawyers are flexible in seeking solutions to address litigation issues as quickly and with financial and emotional costs as low as possible for the clients. Find out more »
Ideas are profitable, so it is good to take care of them. Whether it is about brands, intellectual creations or data and information, our clients are insured. Find out more »
Our customers feel as if they have an internal department working alongside them for legal protection of image and relationships with their employees. Find out more »
Our clients, developers, owners and constructors are in need of new solutions. The real estate market has changed. D&B David and Baias offer a package of multidisciplinary solutions which address today’s changes. Find out more »
The labour market is a phenomenon that concerns us all, whether employed or seeking employment. D&B David Baias keeps an open relationship based on principles that take into account economic efficiency and the rights of those involved. Find out more »
D&B David şi Baias recorded significant wins for various private and public clients, materialised either in successful assistance during public procurement awarding procedures or in challenging the documents issued wrongfully by several contracting authorities. Find out more »
It is good to know what kind of partners you are going into business with, especially in a very complex sector, where the rules are constantly changing. Thus, between us and our clients, the partnership is based on a direct relationship, in which solutions and legal support are provided in real time. Find out more »
D&B David şi Baias team of environmental law specialist attorneys, supported by the PwC Romania environmental team, provide integrated consultancy services on environmental protection matters, covering legal, technical and tax aspects. Find out more »
If your business is in need of a legal or tax treatment, contact the “doctors” D&B David Baias. We are waiting for you with support services for all your business areas, with legal solutions for the effective protection and development of your business. Find out more »
The D&B David şi Baias client portfolio includes major players in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. As energy is a core of economic and social activity, and the regulatory framework undergoes constant change, in accordance with market demands and the latest international standards, our clients seek in-depth understanding of the sector and innovative solutions for addressing different challenges. Find out more »
It is not just technology that evolves, but also the relationship between your company and your clients. In order to maintain an effective equilibrium, we provide specialist analysis and consultancy in the IT & Telecom field. Find out more »