Energy and Natural Resources

Our team works to support the clients in solving the main sector challenges.

Our expertise covers the Energy field, as well as the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors, including the following:

  • Legal assistance and advice related to energy trading, generation, distribution, transmission, supply;
  • Regulatory advice regarding renewable energies, including development of photovoltaic and wind energy projects;
  • Advising main players on the Romanian market in relation to corporate reorganizations and to structuring complex transactions (including drafting and negotiation of transaction documents);
  • Specialized legal due diligence aimed at identifying specific risks in the sector (our experience covers analysis of companies active in the mining sector, LPG and oil trading/production, photovoltaic and wind energy projects etc.)
  • Legal assistance and advice in drafting, reviewing and negotiating industry specific agreements related to concessions and licensing, exploration, drilling, storage, transport, distribution (i.e. farm-in/farm-out agreements,  joint operating agreements, Exploration and Development-Exploitation Concessions agreements etc.);
  • Legal advice on the implications and interpretation of the regulatory framework during the initiation, development and operational stages of different energy projects;
  • Legal advice on the implications and interpretation of the regulatory framework regarding energy efficiency;
  • Regulatory advice in relation to obtaining permits, licenses/authorizations necessary for carrying out oil & gas exploration, production, storage, transportation, distribution and trading;
  • Litigation in relation to specific matters in the sector.