Companies and Groups of Companies

Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the set-up of companies

  • legal advice to identify the appropriate legal structure and form for carrying out the activity in Romania by reference to the nature of the business, the existing practice in the market and, where appropriate, the practice of the group expanding its presence in Romania;
  • consultancy and legal assistance for the establishment of companies or branches of foreign entities in Romania and implemenation of corporate governance rules and principles applicable to the management and control bodies of the new entities;

Consultancy and legal assistance regarding corporate governance issues

  • analysis of existing corporate governance policies and their correlation with the applicable legal provisions, operational and commercial flows as well as internal control rules. Our expertise covers all internal bodies of the company, from the general meeting of the shareholders and its interaction with the executive function, to the organization of the executive body and the delegation of responsibilities within it, as well as the policies/regulations/codes of conduct that establish their operating manner.

Consultancy and legal assistance regarding recurring aspects of corporate law applicable throughout a company’s lifespan

  • consultancy and legal assistance regarding corporate law topics that address, from various angles, the activity of a company or its management and control bodies such as: the organization, operation and attributions of the management and control bodies, the corporate approvals necessary to implement certain operations/ legal documents, the rights of minority shareholders, the conditions for distribution of dividends or other capital elements, the implementation of corporate changes, etc.

Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the dissolution and liquidation of companies

  • assistance and legal advice in each of the stages necessary for the implementation of the dissolution and liquidation procedures of companies and branches.

Corporate law courses

  • training courses and conferences covering general or specific corporate law topics that address clients’ needs;
  • counseling for the drafting or adjustment of normative acts or laws.