Successful projects (selected assignments)

  • A major medicines manufacturer:
    • Review of the collaboration protocol regarding certain oral antidiabetics medicines to be concluded by and between our client and the National Insurance House;
    • Preparation and submitting a formal request to Health Ministry for the purpose of obtaining a unitary interpretation of the sanctions applicable for the case the computation method of the price for original medicinal products as opposed to the reference price of the generic medicinal products is not properly applied.
  • An important international manufacturer of medicinal products:
    • Assistance in connection with identifying the legal implications arising from granting medicines donations to public hospitals.
  • A major medicines distributor:
    • Day-to-day assistance in connection with various legislative matters (including, without being limited to supply agreement with pharmacists/pharmacies, legal opinions regarding the pharmacist profession, legal provisions relevant for the medicines distribution sector in Romania, participation to tenders, analysis of the observance of relevant legal provisions applicable to the company’s current activity).
  • An important international manufacturer of medicinal products:
    • Assistance provided for the purpose of ensuring the observance of legal provisions relating to the distribution of medicinal products in Romania and establishing a discount policy and commercial practice permitted in Romania