Advice in respect of individual employment matters

  • drafting and amending individual employment agreements, with a special focus on the regime of special contractual clauses for ensuring the protection of our employers’ interests;
  • drafting the necessary documentation related to the termination of an individual employment agreement;
  • legal advice and assistance on concluding settlement agreements for both the executive employees and the top management ones, agreements including non-competition and confidentiality clauses;
  • legal advice and assistance in negotiation of the “termination package” for employees in management positions;
  • providing practical solutions for day-to-day employment issues, including but not limited to negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts, deferred compensation, early retirement and secondments.

Advice in respect of collective employment issues

  • drafting the collective employment agreements and / or the internal regulations;
  • assisting clients in negotiating collective employment agreements;
  • advising clients on dealing with trade unions, selection of the employee representatives for collective negotiations, trade union actions (strikes), working hours and discrimination.

Advice in respect of business restructuring

  • legal advice for clients on personnel restructuring plans further to transaction, merger and spin-off procedures, reorganisation of business and collective lay-offs;
  • drafting the Secondment Agreement of seconded employees in the event of externalisation of specific services of the companies;
  • legal advice and assistance with regard to the rights of the employees in the event of transfer of business and drafting the Transfer of Business Agreements;
  • drafting due diligence reports with a focus on employment law issues.

Assistance during dispute resolutions

  • legal assistance in negotiation of settlement agreements with dismissed employees;
  • legal assistance with representation in courts of law during litigation regarding the terms and conditions of employment agreements (salary and other employees rights, sexual harassment issues, etc).

Training on employment matters

  • training courses in employment legislation, from both a general perspective (organised for more than 200 clients) and the perspective of companies’ specific needs.


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