Employment and Human Resources

Advice in respect of individual and other employment-related matters

  • drafting and amending individual employment contracts, with particular attention to the legal framework of specific clauses aimed at protecting employers’ interests;
  • drafting the necessary documents related to the termination of individual employment contracts;
  • legal assistance concerning agreements between employees and employers, encompassing both executive personnel and top management, agreements that include non-compete and confidentiality clauses, as well as other types of clauses, such as intellectual property or non-solicitation clauses;
  • legal assistance in negotiating severance packages for employees in management positions and beyond;
  • drafting internal regulations, underperformance evaluation procedures, remote work policies, as well as other specific policies, depending on the specific needs of clients;
  • addressing daily labour law related issues, including but not limited to negotiations and drafting of individual employment contracts, advance compensation, secondments, mobility, teleworking, working hours, etc.

Advice in respect of collective employment issues

  • drafting collective labour agreements;
  • assisting clients in negotiating collective labour agreements;
  • advising clients on unions, on selecting employer representatives in collective negotiations, and on union actions (strikes).

Advice in respect of business restructuring

  • legal assistance on personnel restructuring plans following transactions, merger and spin-off procedures, businesses reorganizations, and collective layoffs;
  • legal assistance regarding transfer of businesses, employers’ obligations and employees’ rights, the need of consulting with unions/employee representatives in specific cases, drafting the necessary documents (e.g., notifications to unions/employees’ representatives/employees, addendums to employment agreements, etc.), and last but not least, integrated assistance, both from a labour law and human resources perspective, regarding organizational integration following the transfer of businesses;
  • legal analysis concerning complex labour law issues that may arise during the implementation of a restructuring project.

Legal assistance and representation in court

  • legal assistance in negotiations of the settlement agreements in respect to disputes with the employees;
  • legal assistance and representation in court for clients in labour-related disputes (terminations, salary rights, as well as other employee rights, cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.).

Training on employment legislation

  • training courses on labour legislation, both from a general perspective (organized for multiple clients), as well as tailored to the specific needs of companies.