Successful projects (selected assignments)

  • D&B performed a legal due diligence report over a Romanian company performing collection of non-hazardous waste. The real estate team analysed the ownership title related to the landfill site wherein it has been exploiting the sanitation public service. In particular, the analysis performed envisaged the validity and lawful registration of the current ownership title over the real-estate properties (the land and the constructions erected upon serving as a waste management warehouse), as well as identifying whether there are any issues affecting the use or the title on such properties;
  • D&B David si Baias provided the client (a South-African company active in the manufacturing and distributing products predominantly for the automotive industry) with legal services consisting in performing a legal due diligence and an environmental due diligence, in collaboration with PwC Romania environmental technical specialists, on a major Romanian company acting in the production of batteries and accumulators field. In addition to this, D&B will also provide Metair with transaction support assistance until the completion of the transaction;
  • D&B David si Baias performed a legal due diligence investigation and provided buy-side legal assistance to an undisclosed Italian company in acquiring the majority stake of a Romanian company active in the waste management sector;
  • D&B David si Baias provided sell-side legal assistance tothe client – a manufacturer of precast concrete, during the transfer of its roof tile business. The services provided by D&B David si Baias also included legal assistance with respect to complex regulatory aspects (e.g., environmental matters);
  • Legal assistance provided to a client in the steel industry regarding the acquisition of the functional assets of a company under judicial reorganization, consisting of a legal due diligence analysis and legal assistance in all stages of the transaction;
  • D&B has assisted the client by providing legal assistance for the acquisition of a Romanian company providing services related to the environment protection: de-pollution of contaminated industrial plants and sites and hazardous waste disposal. The legal services included legal due diligence on the activities of the company including the analysis of the ownership titles over several immovable asset owned by the company. The real estate team has performed due diligence over a large number of plots of land and over more than 30 buildings;
  • Legal services in connection with the drafting of a memorandum/opinion regarding the interpretation of the tax legislation on the deductibility of the payments that the producers are performing to the legal organisations for transfer of responsibility (“OIREP”) in respect with the packaging material introduced by the producers on the national market;
  • Assistance and representation of the client before the competent courts regarding the annulment of the tax obligations representing the environmental fund contribution established by the Environmental Fund Administration, motivating that the Company would not have fulfilled its annual objectives for recovery and recycling of packaging waste. The first court rejected the claim and the award remained final by non-appeal;
  • Represented the client during a litigation having as object the annulment of decisions for imposing profit tax and VAT, by which the fiscal body denied the deductibility of the purchases of scrap metal waste and fuel and the related VAT.